Friday, 8 July 2011

Thing 4: Current awareness - Twitter, RSS and Pushnote

Some thoughts on Twitter, Google Reader and Pushnote


Initially I didn’t see the point of Twitter and wondered what all the fuss was about; why would I want to know what some celebrity had for breakfast? Nevertheless, to satisfy my curiosity I joined in February 2009.  Gradually I began to use it more, mostly lurking and not tweeting myself. Subsequently I decided to write about Web 2.0 for my Masters dissertation and set up a work Twitter as an experiment.  I wanted to gauge how we could use it to communicate with our students. It was slow to take off, but I think it’s been quite successful.  However most of the time I’m on my own Twitter @Chrissie72.  I like the idea of a ‘profersonal’ approach, so I don’t tend to separate work and non-work tweets. Thanks to this programme, I’m hoping to use it more as a professional tool to follow and communicate with other library folks. Don’t think that’ll stop me from tweeting rubbish though! 

Personally I love Twitter and find it addictive but manageable: I use lists and hashtags to cope with information overload. I think it helps me keep up to date and I feel that I’m more likely to find useful information via Twitter.

Google Reader

I’ve probably used Google Reader for a year or two. Again I started to use this while studying; the idea was that I could keep up to date with Library and work related stuff without having to look at loads of websites.  I was quite good at first and checked it every day, but I feel I’ve let it slip a bit now. Maybe I have too many feeds; I always think I can go back and look at the important stuff later, but never do. Plus I’m more likely to read something I’ve seen on Twitter than Google Reader; it just feels more immediate to me. Maybe I just haven’t worked out how to use it efficiently yet…


I’m not too impressed with Pushnote so far. I’ve had a bit of a play with it but not sure that I see the point of it. If anyone can convince me otherwise, feel free…

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