Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thing 11: Mentoring

Although I don’t have an official mentor, I have a friend and colleague who I consider to be an informal one. As the cpd23 post said she has always taken an interest in my career either by sharing advice and knowledge or by facilitating professional opportunities. She’s always been a positive influence (well most of the time but I won't go into that here!) and always encouraged me in everything that I do. After I applied for my secondment she offered lots advice and encouragement and when I was convinced I hadn’t got the job, she was! If I’m feeling less than confident she always makes me feel more positive. She’s also given me opportunities such as asking me to help with workshops and so on, which has given me more confidence. I have definitely found this relationship to be a valuable one.


  1. I think I know who you are talking about!
    I happen to know youe friend will help you in any way she (or should I say I) can
    Good luck with the 23 things.

  2. Thanks! I'm enjoying the 23 things so far.