Monday, 24 October 2011

Thing 17: The Medium is the Message- Prezi and Slideshare

As I’m new to presenting I haven’t used either of these tools before, although I have seen other people using them: a week ago a colleague used Prezi in a presentation and I was very impressed.  I thought it was so much more watchable than a Power Point presentation. In about months’ time I’m due to present an Endnote workshop, so I thought that would be a good excuse to play with Prezi.  As I’m very impatient I tend to only briefly (or never!) read instructions, so I just dove straight in and started to play around with it. I find I can learn better this way. Anyway, I found it easy to use and simple to add text and play around with fonts. My only problem came when I tried to add images, but I’ll persevere. I’ve not used Power Point much so I can’t really compare the two, but I think Prezi is much more likely to hold an audience’s attention. I’m sure there’s a lot more I could do with it and have so far only scratched the surface.

Anyway, here's my very basic Prezi:

I’ve often looked at presentations on Slideshare but have never used it myself; at the moment I don’t have anything I can share. But it is useful both for learning and for gathering ideas from others.

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